Privacy policy

'You' and 'your' in this document means the licensed user of the product. 'We' and 'our' and 'us' means Careersoft employees and agents.

We take your privacy seriously and we handle your data carefully

We take your data privacy seriously. All your data is handled in accordance with the UK's Data Protection Act.

We may store information about you so that you can access the program and so that the program works better for you. We don't give or sell your details to anyone else.

The information we store and why

The program stores things like your favourites list, and the notes you have made when using the program. This is stored so that you can see your favourites lists and the notes you made.

The program also stores data you have entered as your profile details, if you have entered any.

If you have created a username with password, the program stores your username (this is usually your email address). It also stores a one-way encrypted token (hash) of your password, but not the password itself.

Duration for which it is stored

If you are logged in a way that identifies you only by what establishment you are at, the information you enter is stored only for your browser session lifetime. When you close your browser, your stored information is lost.

If you are logged in as an individual, typically with your own email address and password, we store your information between browser sessions so that you can come back again and use it some other time. We do not guarantee how long this information is stored for, and you should always keep your own backup of that information. If you have not logged in for more than a year, your login and records may be deleted.

Who can see your stored information

When you log in with your username (email address) and password, you can see your stored information. If anyone else knows your username and password, they can log on to see your information too. So it is important that you use a strong password that is hard to guess, and that if you write it down you do so in a way that means other people cannot discover it.

If you have ticked the box to allow tutors to see your saved information, then people with a designated tutor login for your establishment can see your saved information too.

We have to make the information available to the police or other lawful authorities if required to do so by law. For example, as part of a police investigation or on the order of a judge.

We may also make use of the information to aid any investigations where we have reasonable grounds to believe that use of the product is in breach of the terms of the licence or otherwise unlawful.

Statistics that are collected and why

We record information about how the program is used, including which pages are visited and when. This information is used in an aggregated form where we can see things like statistical trends, distributions, and totals. We use this information to help us see what we are getting right and where we can improve. The information is not used in a way that shows the activity of identifiable individuals.


The product makes use of browser cookies. Cookies are small bits of textual information that the browser and server exchange when your browser requests a web page. Your browser sends cookies back to the server to indicate that you are the same user who logged in a moment ago, for example.

You can turn off cookies using your browser settings. But if you do not have cookies turned on, the product cannot tell which web requests are yours and will not work.

For more about cookies, see

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