Terms and conditions

When you create a Home User account, it is for your personal use only. It is for use only while you are associated with the establishment that issued the top-up code used for creating or extending your account.

A Home User top-up code has to be used within 30 days of when it was issued from Jed or Higher Ideas. Each top-up code allows up to 90 days of use use. When you register a top-up code, your home use account will be 'topped up' to the amount of time specified by the top-up code.

Whilst you are at an establishment which has a licence to use Home User versions of Careersoft products, you may get a new top-up code from that establishment to top up your account. Look for the 'use at home' link and icon in Jed or Higher Ideas, or ask your tutor.

Privacy policy

You may use your email address as your username for your Home User login. If you use your email address, we will email you shortly before your account runs out. We can also send you your password if you forget it.

We will never pass on your email address to any third party company, and we will never sell it to anyone. We will never use it to send you spam.

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