Jed 2014/15 Edition

Getting started with Jed

If you've got a Jed licence

If you've got a Jed licence it's easy to get started with Jed right away. Just visit the sign-in page and enter your establishment's access code.

Establishments with a Jed licence can also use their own licensed web link to take you straight to Jed licensed for your site. Find out more...

If you've not got a Jed licence yet

You can use Jed in demonstration mode right away. Some features are unavailable when in demo mode, but it's a good way to get an idea of what Jed can do.

If you represent a school, college, careers service, or other institution, contact us and we'll happily fix you up with month's full-featured access to Jed for free.

Getting a Jed licence

Jed is licensed on an annual subscription. A site licence covers all users at one named site. Careers advisers can also get a personal licence, for use wherever they go. For details about licensing Jed, please visit